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Pokemon Hacking
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Forum » Tools » Pokescript » Identifying Script Code (How to read a script.)
Identifying Script Code
fuzzyketchupDate: Wednesday, 2012-10-03, 3:49 PM | Message # 1
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Each Part of a script is important and in order to make it work you will need to learn most of them. You will probably just memorize them by using them, others you can simply look up.

#org $oak
message $1
$1 1 = Oak: Hello \h\v01!
boxset 6

In order to understand how these actions work you'll need to know each part individually.

#org $oak: As I've explained # is a binary and $ is an offset. Just think of the binary as a nessicary starter, and the offset as a name (usually the same as the file name). An offset is used several times in this script, so make sure you don't use the same name twice (for example, I can't have $oak as the script name and $oak as the message name). Usually I use a word for the script name, and a number for the message name.

lock and faceplayer: Lock is simple, it stops the player from moving (of his own free will, you can force movements, so we'll get into that later). faceplayer is a code that makes the Non-Playable Character (NPC) face the player.

message $1: This simply names the message. This is usually pretty simple, if you have more than one message in a script you just move to message $2, and message $3.

$1 1 = : This is telling the game what message $1 is suppose to say. If you don't use the same number as you did for the message this code will not work.

\h\v01: This is a code that will input the player's chosen name (Ex. Red or Ash) into the text. I'll get more into these later as well.

boxset 6: This code makes the box appear under the screen. Without this box text will not show up. There are other boxsets, but, you guessed it, we'll get more into that later.

release and end: Release tells the script to stop the lock command. End tells the script to end.

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Forum » Tools » Pokescript » Identifying Script Code (How to read a script.)
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